Friday, 15 March 2013

about the poem "I am getting old now" by Robert Kroetsch

The poem "I am getting old now" is by Robert Kroetsch
In the poem the poet says that he is getting old and he can tell that as the has started dreaming a lot about his mother. As he is getting old he thinks about the past and about all the sentimental and important memories to him.The poet said that he had a dream about his mother and in the dream she was in the garden near the hill behind his childhood house, he says that she was just standing and he was playing in the pea vines. In the dream neither of them moved this shows that it was a picture from the past. As neither of them moved in the memory the poet tries to figure out what exactly they were doing.The poet said that he knew she was watching and that he also knew that she watched him grow up 'like a bad weed' as she said. the poet is getting old now and he can not say he is happy as he did not have a good time growing up and he did not grow up to be the man that his mother wanted him to be. He does not thing about death as an enemy, he was calm and not afraid of death.The poet gives the idea that he is almost waiting for death, “watching” out for its coming as one awaits the meeting with a long-lost friend one has almost forgotten and as he does so, once more he is transported back to his old memories and dreams of his happy childhood.

this is not very good but i could not think about anything else to add in this, if you think that i missed something then you can leave a comment and i'll add it :)

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